About us

Meet the owner, Marissa

Hey girl!

I'm Marissa, the owner and manager of all the things around here.  I started this company as Bee Mine Sunshine in 2014 and as I've changed, so has my vision for this brand.  In 2019 we transitioned to Basic Mom because it more clearly represented my goal, which is to make all moms feel good about themselves both physically and emotionally (because you are seriously awesome!)

I run on morning coffee and evening wine.  I watch re-runs of Gilmore Girls and The Office because a) they are awesome and b) I can't actually focus on a new show with these littles running around.  I have 2 crazy kiddos, a girl and a boy, and they (mostly the boy) keep me in a constant state of chaos!  


I would love to get to know YOU!  Locals can come see us in June, August, and October at Charm at the Farm in Lebanon, Ohio.  Everyone can join our VIP group for FREE and get awesome perks, first dibs on everything, and exclusive live sales!  

If you'd like to know a few more fun details about Bee Mine Sunshine (where we started) or Basic Mom, including product reviews and what song I would sing for my hypothetical American Idol audition...check out the list below! 

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